My hobbies

I am proud to say that most of the people surrounding me describe me as talented and creative person. I love photography, painting and making jewelry and accesories out of a simple wire.



You probably have no idea how cool it is to realize that you can create any shape you want using just a piece of a wire. From a usual metal thread you can create any silhouette, any shape, flat or 3D – anything you like! See more...



When I was in high school, I loved seeking for a perfect angle and could spend hours taking pictures of flowers, bugs, nature and other stuff. By concentrating on the details I escaped from the reality and created wonderful shots. See more...



For me, painting is the best cure from stress. I love that very moment when the first drop of paint touches the paper. However I have much less time and inspiration these days, but I already save this energy for the next project. See more...

Read my blog

You can read some more stories and sincere emotions in my blog. As a russian native speaker I find it much easier to write my thoughts in Russian. Moreover, majority of my readers - my friends, family and other relatives are russian speakers as well. So, unfortunately, not all my blog posts are translated into English.